Why Wood Fired Pizza Is The Absolute Best!

    The Best Wood Fired Pizza

    In Italy, the wood fire brick over is as common and well-known as the Aussie barbecue is here. This traditional way of cooking pizza hasn’t really changed and it’s easy to see why – the difference between wood fired vs regular oven pizza is obvious with just one bite!

    At Appetito, choosing the traditional wood fired pizza method was the only option for us; for the authenticity, just as much as the taste!

    But there are many more reasons why wood fired pizza is an Italian favourite and our number one choice within our restaurant; read on to learn why.


    5 Reasons Wood Fired Pizza is Best

    Evenly Cooked

    Wood fire temperatures can reach anywhere between 280 and 350 degrees Celsius. The interior brick walls are able to absorb the heat which allows it to radiate evenly across the oven and cooking the pizza evenly. No under-cooked or over-cooked areas, just perfectly heated maintaining the optimum flavour of the ingredients.


    Faster Cooking Times

    In a preheated wood fire oven it takes just 2-3 minutes for the pizza to cook and be ready to eat. So if you want something quick to fill your stomach then go for the delicious pizza option and forget the fast food restaurant!

    Locked in Goodness

    The wood fire conditions allow for toppings to be cooked evenly and quickly but not only that, the faster cooking helps keep flavour locked in and also nutrients – so if you’re after a healthy option you can still get the goodness.


    A Better Crust

    There is nothing worse than a soggy pizza crust or a base that doesn’t support the topping well. The even spread of heat in the oven allows for the outside of the pizza to crust earlier. Any moisture is thus sealed off, avoiding soggy crust and allowing for a flavourful crust that’s puffy and chewy. Avoid the tears from losing your topping and go wood fired pizza every time!


    A Unique Flavour

    Only wood fired pizza imparts that unique smoky, delicately charred flavour that cannot be reproduced in a standard kitchen oven. The taste and flavour is simply unmatched when you compare the two.


    Has All This Pizza Talk Made You Hungry?

    At Appetito, we pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients and following our favourite homemade Italian recipes – it’s no surprise our wood fired pizzas are the popular choice for those that visit.

    Whether you’re after just a quick bite, a lunch time catch up with friends, or even a romantic dinner date, you really can’t go wrong with wood fired pizza and in our beautiful restaurant setting.

    Our popular Italian restaurant in The Rocks fills up quick, especially on the weekends so make sure you book ahead. Check out the menu and make a reservation here or call us on (02) 9247 1920.

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